Freestyle, Footwork, Flow





My dancing started when I was 3 as an Irish Step Dancer, another footwork based dance. Dancing quickly became my first love and a safe space throughout my childhood and teenage years. It taught me discipline, hard-work, and how to appreciate my body and movement for all that it could do. I learned how to formally teach dance under the guidance of my instructors, and helped to pass the dance on to the next generation. 

When I retired from Irish Dancing in preparation for college, I found my home within the rave community. Finding underground sounds and tracks was one of my favorite healthy distractions for the stresses surrounding nursing school, and going to these events allowed me to find friends that finally felt like "me". House and techno music always made me want to express myself, but I just couldn't figure out how- until I found shuffling. I watched for years aspiring to move like them one day, but was always too fearful to give it a try. The day I finally took the plunge changed my life forever.

Fast forwarding to now, and I am going on my 3rd year of shuffling & cutting shapes. I started in the world of shapes, and over time turned predominately into a shuffler. I've spent most of this time researching and deep diving into the history, style progressions, and techniques, and continue to study current movements regularly to ensure up to date knowledge and sustained growth. Over the last year, I have perfected my teaching style and class structure to help students build strong foundations and technique, build a flow that's unique to them, and learn accurately what these dances and the culture surrounding them are really about. My goal with classes is not to set dancers up to do what is "trending", but to give dancers a strong base of movement and knowledge they can use to uniquely express. 

Thank you for your interest and trust in helping me guide you through learning, and I hope to meet you in a class!